What does ps mean when your writing a letter

This question has already been answered however I am including now a 9th P. Immediately following the announcement of TrueType, Adobe published the specification for the Type 1 font format.

PostScript fonts Almost as complex as PostScript itself is its handling of fonts. In the early s there were several other systems for storing outline-based fonts, developed by Bitstream and METAFONT for instance, but none included a general-purpose printing solution and they were therefore not widely used.

What does PS stand for? Titles in this program will contain an additional section at the back of the book with behind-the-pages insights, interviews and more. Unlike either printers or plotters, however, a laser printer makes it possible to position high-quality graphics and text on the same page.

It can be a highly useful and sometimes charming writing tool, but can become irritating if its use becomes a habit. Postscripts are occasionally used in pre-printed letters to add a personal note to a form response. Would you like to merge this question into it?

A free software version, with several other applications, is Ghostscript. But as printer mechanisms fell in price, the cost of implementing PS became too great a fraction of overall printer cost; in addition, with desktop computers becoming more powerful, it no longer made sense to offload the rasterisation work onto the resource-constrained printer.

When you're writing a letter, what does PS mean?

PostScript Level 1[ edit ] The first version of the PostScript language was released to the market in Retail tools such as Altsys Fontographer acquired by Macromedia in Januaryowned by FontLab since May added the ability to create Type 1 fonts. Typically, PostScript programs are not produced by humans, but by other programs.

In a Letter, what does P.S. Mean?

For a time an interpreter sometimes referred to as a RIP for Raster Image Processor for the PostScript language was a common component of laser printers, into the s.

As they grew in sophistication, dot matrix printers started including several built-in fonts from which the user could select, and some models allowed users to upload their own custom glyphs into the printer.

The customer was now king and it focused the mind of the marketing team on the customer. You can add an "after thought" right at the end below a letter.

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However there is I believe a 9th P, this has come about due to the green or environmental issues surrounding services and product, so I add: I just say it means like plus sentence!

What is PS in letters?Aug 26,  · P.S. is an abbreviation meaning post script. It refers to an addition you make to a letter after you have closed the letter and signed it.

For example, say you write a letter to your sister telling her you will see her Tuesday for the party she is throwing for your birthday. You sign the letter and leave it on your desk for mailing later.

The Postscript as a Rhetorical Strategy "When writing a fundraising letter, remember that many potential donors will read your letter's P.S.

What does

before the body of the letter, so include any compelling information there." (Stan Hutton and Frances Phillips, Nonprofit Kit for Dummies, 3rd bistroriviere.com Dummies, ).

What does PS mean and how do we use it in modern communication? start writing. What PS Means and How to Use It Correctly in Your Email. Karen Hertzberg. Updated on January 4, How To. In the days before email, Paul McCartney famously sang Statistics once showed that as many as 79 percent of people who opened a direct mail letter.

PS means that you want the reader to read any extra information that you include near the end of the letter that you just remember. Mar 04,  · When you're writing a letter, what does PS mean? Follow.

13 answers That is why you use it after you have already signed your letter, and then you want to include something that was not in the main body of the message. Yours, Juan. Post Script, which means "After Writing", something added after you've finished your Status: Resolved.


Mar 04,  · it is abbreviation for the latin phrase: Post Scriptum, which means "after the writing". That is why you use it after you have already signed your letter, and then you want to include something that was not in the main body of the message.

What is PS-2?

Yours, Juan. bistroriviere.com: Resolved.

What does ps mean when your writing a letter
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